Monday, September 22, 2014

Teamwork with OROS!

Last July 9th in Paris, OROS revealed the first Teamwork analyzers. This latest generation of instruments pushes a step forward the usage flexibility and efficiency. Based on the 3-series analyzers, well-known for their robustness, accuracy and real-time capabilities, Teamwork instruments bring unrivaled flexibility for team of users. Covering any connection type from mobile to distributed acquisition, stand-alone and large channel count, Teamwork instrument enlarge the range of usages of OROS Noise and Vibration instrument.  

The Teamwork technology enriches the capabilities of the 3-series range with larger local storage up to 512 GB, switchless cascade of units, software designed for sharing licenses and data and ultimate DSP processing on board. As ever, OROS stick the latest technologies for serving users in the complete compatibility of your existing test and data.

Get all detail from the Teamwork brochure or discover it in


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