Friday, October 30, 2015

Torsional Vibration Determination presented by GE and OROS

OROS and GE Bently Nevada’s machinery diagnostics service team participated at the 14thEDF/Pprime Poitiers Workshop held at the Futuroscope in Poitiers, France on October 8  9, 2015. This conference is organized every year between EDF and the Pprime research institute. This was the opportunity for 150 participants to exchange around the topic of the “Influence of design and materials journal and thrust bearing performance.” During this workshop, university professors, engineers from research department of machinery manufacturers and other key players of the industry from all around the world gathered to look toward the next generation of turbomachinery’s design and materials.

Charles Grislin, a machinery diagnostics engineer at GE Measurement & Control presented a paper on “Field measurement techniques and instrumentation for torsional vibration determination”. This article has been written by Charles Grislin, Nicolas P├ęton from GE and Guillaume Cousin and Nicolas Denisot, from OROS. This paper describes practical field challenges of torsional natural frequency determination, using the OROS noise and vibration analyzers associated with the Torsion & Twist software module. A poster on a case study was also presented during conference breaks. This presentation was about an elevated vibration on an 110MW generator bearing.