Monday, March 23, 2020

OROS adjusts its organization due to Covid-19

As you may know, Covid-19 has reached Europe. In order to combat the epidemic, the French government has imposed temporary rules requiring people to stay at home, with limited exceptions.

OROS has actively implemented a new working organization.

In a few hours, people able to work from home have moved to their new office.
Analyzers, sensors, cables, desktop PCs, screens, etc. have been packed and carried away from OROS premises.
R&D department is now empty...

The manufacturing department is fully operative. Systems can be manufactured.
Working conditions have been adjusted to comply with sanitary regulations and guidelines issued by the government.

Our maintenance centers are all open and fully operative.

Most people are now working from home using remote working techniques and tools. This organization of working practices is extremely efficient. All your contacts are available as usual.

In all locations, all members of the OROS team remain professional and committed to working with you.

Take care of yourselves and your relatives in the coming days.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

POMA, a world leader in ropeway transportation, trusts OROS with structural dynamics of their installations

POMA is a world leader in ropeway transportation. From snowy slopes to urban settings, from tourism to science and industry, the POMA group has made ropeway transportation the future of comfortable and sustainable mobility. They have built over 8,000 installations in over 80 countries.

They have recently chosen OROS to improve their knowledge of the structural dynamics of their installations. These installations are either located in ski resorts or in urban areas. In cities all over the world, POMA is making ropeway transportation the traffic management solution for ever-increasing urban populations, connecting suburban areas to city centers.

Monday, May 13, 2019

OROS Testing Room

A new testing room is now open at OROS. This room is fully dedicated to noise and vibration testing. It is a base for applied training events as well as for client tests. It is equipped, amongst other things, with an anechoic chamber, a rotating machine, a structure assigned to modal testing, an acoustic antenna for holography and special speakers for sound quality testing.

The anechoic chamber is used for sound power measurements (see images: an eletric driller under test and Corentin setting up the project)

The latest version of ORBIGate is being tested using the rotating machine. Measurements are made with an OR36 coupled with accelerometers, tachometers and proximity probes.

Assessing the vibration behaviour of generator stator end-windings - Laborelec, GDF Suez

Generator stator end-windings are submitted in operation to a combination of complex electromagnetic and mechanic forces. These forces recurrently lead to the early ageing of the end-windings through the appearance of white dusting and greasing detected by inspections during overhaul. The vibration behaviour of the end-windings is regularly depicted as one of the main
contributors to the root cause. Based on OROS instruments, Laborelec offers a complete methodology specifically developed for the vibration assessment of generator stator end-windings. This methodology is universal for all machine types and is independent from the generator manufacturer.

Read the full application note on myOROS (first log in to myOROS or create an account). Laborelec, GDF Suez

Monday, May 6, 2019

Experimental verification of underwater noise localization based on cylindrical near-field acoustic holography

Paper presented during the Technology Workshops Teledyne Marine in Cannes, France in October 2018 by Guillaume Cousin, OROS Solutions Product Manager.

To improve the stealthiness of underwater vehicles, or reduce impacts of vessels on the marine environment, it is necessary to identify their noise sources. Furthermore, the proper acoustic control and management of underwater noise radiation of vessels is critical during the intended upgrades and operational service.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

OROS at Automotive Techdays: Acoustic comfort optimization based on an innovative TPA method

OROS will present its innovative solution in Advanced Transfer Path Analysis (ATPA) to achieve unparalleled noise reduction results in the passenger compartment: Acoustic comfort optimization based on an innovative TPA method

The project objective is to propose a full Advanced TPA measurement and analysis solution for the Automotive industry. TPA is an experimental based method to quantify sources and their transmission path contributions to a certain position: typically the driver or passenger position. An innovative technique called ATPA is introduced to allow currently unmatched performances:

  1. ATPA can characterize the response transmission paths, improving the possibilities of other classical TPA methods by allowing the determination of the part of response due to neighboring subsystems.
  2. ATPA allows to find panel noise contributions even if the panels are coupled, without any dismounting: other already existing TPA techniques working with panel contributions use the hypothesis that panels are not linked together, which is not a good description of the reality.
  3. ATPA gives detailed information about the noise and vibration paths. Currently, it gives information about 2-step paths, for example: structure linking point N -> panel M -> target’s position. Potentially, the method can give information about any possible path thanks to the direct transmissibility.
  4. ATPA can split the global contribution of a panel into air-borne noise and structure-borne noise.
  5. ATPA provides results on a wide frequency range. Current TPA techniques work only for a low-frequency range. The presented technique allows to calculate noise contributions for mid and high frequencies as well as for low frequencies.
Automotive Techdays is aimed at decision-makers in the automotive industry. The major players in the automotive sector in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region will present their innovations with short demonstrations (5-7 minutes).
OROS provides the automotive sector with a wide range of products and services for noise and vibration measurement. The goal for its users is to obtain an efficient evaluation of the vibro-acoustic phenomena by improving the comfort of the vehicles as well as their durability and their performance.

Friday, September 21, 2018

OROS : des solutions NVH toujours plus innovantes, au service des véhicules classiques et électriques

OROS met à disposition de ses clients du monde automobile plus de 30 ans d’expérience et de savoir-faire en NVH. Rencontre avec Guillaume Cousin, Product Manager au sein d’OROS, qui nous en dit plus.

OROS se positionne comme un acteur reconnu en essais de bruit et vibration (NVH). Pouvez-vous nous en dire plus ? 
OROS est une PME française crée en 1985 qui regroupe plus de 40 collaborateurs. Nos produits sont fabriqués en France et distribués dans le monde entier : 80% de notre chiffre d’affaires est réalisé à l’export. Nous avons des filiales aux États-Unis, en Allemagne et en Chine, ainsi qu’un vaste réseau de distribution à l’international.  Dans les années 90, nous avons été pionniers en lançant les premiers analyseurs FFT portables basés sur laptops. Quinze ans plus tard, nous nous sommes focalisés sur le développement de solutions logicielles applicatives : une interface pensée pour l’application est clé pour permettre à nos clients d’atteindre le niveau d’efficacité qui leur est demandé.