Thursday, February 28, 2013

Because your Analyzer is Unique, Make the Best Use of It!

Our analyzers are designed to meet very precise metrological specifications. Because your measurements require a high accuracy, OROS recommends an annual calibration of your system.
Our newly upgraded laboratories and our metrological expertise guarantee your analyzer to be always at the top of its performance specifications. Remember our premium services contracts include the annual calibration with a commitment to calibrate your analyzer within a 4-day turn-around-time.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OROS extends its offer in Balancing proposing the Multiplane Balancing in addition to the Single One

Machines such as steam turbines, large motors and generators usually operate above their first critical speed. In this case the rotor's first mode is excited and the rotor becomes flexible. At this stage, it is necessary to increase the number of balancing planes above the classical dual plane balancing. A multiplane (>3) balancing operation is required.

ORBIGate, the Turbomachinery Vibration Software, Ascends in Version4.4: the Full Floating License

Get one license of ORBIGate able to work on any OROS 3-Series hardware in your fleet. 

ORBIGate is the OROS portable and dedicated solution for the measurement of industrial rotating machinery vibration. It may be used on any combination of machines ranging from turbines, motors and generators, as well as pumps and compressors. 
Featuring simultaneous acquisition on up to 32 dynamic channels, an entire machine train may be tested.