Friday, March 27, 2015

OROS offered an OR35 analyzer, as a first prize of the CMMNO Industrial Contest

Last December, the Université of Lyon, organized the 4th International Conference on Condition Monitoring of Machinery in Non-stationary Operations (CMMNO).

At the same time, an Industrial Contest has been organized to win an OR35 4-channels analyzer, offered by OROS. Maïa Eolis, a manufacturer of wind turbines, provided with signals from a wind turbine asking to perform order tracking without speed signal.

The CMMNO 2014 contest first prize has been awarded to Robert B. Randall, Michael D. Coats, Wade A. Smith from the university of New South Wales, Australia. The jury was composed by Hugo André from Maïa Eolis and Quentin Leclère from INSA.

Dyson from UK, and SAIGA team at GIPSA-lab from France came respectively 2nd and 3rd.

The objective of this conference was to present the latest research results devoted to extending the scale of applicability of condition monitoring to non-stationary operating conditions or non-steady environments. Topics have been widely covered: Noise and vibration; Condition monitoring; Non-stationary operations Signal processing; Pattern recognition; Modelling of dynamics and fault; Mechatronic machinery.

Contributors came from 18 different countries (Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Canada, France, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, UK, USA) and from both the industry and academic institutions.

Balance your Flexible Rotors with the Multiplane Technology

New requirements, related to downsizing and speed increase, generate a renewed need for high speed machines balancing (up to 300 kRPM). Units to be balanced are typically turbochargers but also high speed pumps and turbines.

ORBIGate, the Turbomachinery Vibration Solution, V6.1 Release

ORBIGate, is the dedicated software module for industrial rotating machinery vibration during diagnostics as well as acceptance tests. Thanks to the multichannel instruments, it is especially adapted for transients such as run-ups and shut-downs.  Easy to use, it provides all the tools to bring the highest level of set-up simplicity and efficiency available: Orbits, Shaft Centerline, Bode, Polar, Spectra and Waterfall: ORBIGate is now released in version V6.1.

This new version is compatible with NVGate V9, the OROS software platform, enhancing the Teamwork noise en vibration analyzers technology.

ORBIGate Software Version 6.1 is available for download using your myOROS account (restricted to existing customers). Please make sure to own an active license key; if you don’t, please contact the OROS Customer Care Department.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Teamwork technology enhanced by NVGate V9!

The Teamwork technology (detailed in a previous post), providing more efficiency and flexibility to measurements and tests, is now enhanced by a new version of the OROS software platform: NVGate V9, coming with a number of new useful features.
  • Distributed hardware management; 320+ channels, switchless, real-time analysis
  • Full bump test application tools with a damping marker, node identifiers into the trace name and marker table format in Excel reports
  • Advanced report options to MS Word, MS Excel batch reports, print all results (single or compare)
  • Clear and reliable Ethernet management with the new connection dialog box: change analyzer IPs and name, update firmware, IP address conflict resolution
  • Compatibility with Windows 8 and 8.1 and Office 2013