Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Automotive Testing Expo China 2014

TS Tech is the distributor for OROS product in China. OROS and TS Tech team showcased OROS products at the 2014 Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai last 15th to 17th of September.

The complete range of OROS products were exhibited here with a focus on the latest ones.

  • TS Tech team introduced the new Teamwork Instruments generation  to the numerous Noise and Vibes engineers who visited our booth. They discovered how the flexible connection, the ForceDSP and the team licensing can serve their applications and usages with higher efficiency.
  • EngineDiag was also promoted here with an article in the testing expo show guide. This software module is dedicated to Engine R&D, Qualification and maintenance. The attendees from the automotive industries (engine institutes and manufacturers) were very interested by this innovative NDT solution to check and monitor engines.
The exhibition has been successful with more than 3.000 attendees the first day. Hundreds of them visited us and requested TS Tech and OROS to check the OROS instrument capabilities “in front of the machine” during the next weeks.

We will be here for Testing Expo China 2015.

Monday, September 22, 2014

OROS versatility, a popular choice for quieting building vibes

With a three decade history, most people know OROS as a provider of high-end instruments to traditional industries like automotive, aerospace/defense and power generation.  But did you know that OROS is also quite popular for building vibration measurements?

For quite some time, a growing segment of OROS users has been involved in building vibrations.  Sensitive facilities that house medical devices, nanotechnology or semiconductor fabrication find it crucial to monitor vibrations.  That is because vibrations could negatively affect their process. Standards (eg, American Institute of Architects) are provided classifying various vibration levels.  Those standards are based on 1/3 octave vibration velocity levels.

OROS' real-time 1/3 octave analysis and the ability to integrate seismic accelerometer signals are part of the attraction for global players in chip fabrication or buildings containing susceptible medical equipment like MRI machines.  The other attraction is the OROS software capability for triggering alarms if the real-time results show a threshold being exceeded.
Some OROS users have alarms generate an e-mail or text message to notify a critical vibration level has been approached.

Besides the global players using OROS equipment, many consultants gravitate to OROS' blue boxes.  The reason for that is versatility.  The same blue boxes that can be used for monitoring or assessing building vibrations may also be used for other applications. Examples include modal acquisition, sound-level meter functions and heel-drop tests. Doing it all in one, blue box saves time and money for the building vibration or architectural acoustic consultant.

OROS official sponsor of the next CMMNO

The main objective of the CMMNO'2014 conference is to bring together the scientific community to discuss the major advances of Condition Monitoring of Machinery in Non-stationary Conditions. It aims to create a meeting for scientists and practicing engineers throughout the world to present their latest advances, research findings and ideas in this scientific field.

OROS collaborates for many years with INSA (Lyon) and with the University of Saint Etienne. So, this year, OROS is pleased to offer an OR35 analyzer to the participant who makes the best analysis report. More information here

Technical Mornings

The first edition of « MatinĂ©es Techniques d’OROS », which provide theoretical and technical content rely on an OROS topic, has been issued last September 16th and 17th in Avignon (France). 
OROS' Technical Mornings are educational, informative and aid existing and future users to operate OROS equipment in the best possible way.

This edition talked about maintenance of diesel engine in Marine and  Energy industries, focusing on EngineDiag, the OROS module for Reciprocating machines. 

Thanks to the OROS expertise, attendees learned about the best usages of the product, supported by a solid theory part. 

This first issue was a success, next OROS Technical Mornings will come...

Teamwork with OROS!

Last July 9th in Paris, OROS revealed the first Teamwork analyzers. This latest generation of instruments pushes a step forward the usage flexibility and efficiency. Based on the 3-series analyzers, well-known for their robustness, accuracy and real-time capabilities, Teamwork instruments bring unrivaled flexibility for team of users. Covering any connection type from mobile to distributed acquisition, stand-alone and large channel count, Teamwork instrument enlarge the range of usages of OROS Noise and Vibration instrument.  

The Teamwork technology enriches the capabilities of the 3-series range with larger local storage up to 512 GB, switchless cascade of units, software designed for sharing licenses and data and ultimate DSP processing on board. As ever, OROS stick the latest technologies for serving users in the complete compatibility of your existing test and data.

Get all detail from the Teamwork brochure or discover it in www.oros.com