Monday, April 20, 2020

Covid-19 has not stopped OROS’s activities, far from it…

Staying at home makes people very creative!
Discover two application videos made by two OROS employees (Youtube)

  • one is based on an indoor exercise machine by Yannick Balter, OROS services dept manager
  • the other one focuses on a lawn mower by Nicolas Denisot, OROS application engineer

Both use an OROS instrument to measure vibrations!
Take care, be safe and stay home.

OROS has actively implemented a new working organization. Most people are now working from home, remaining extremely efficient. The manufacturing department is fully operational and all systems are being manufactured. Our maintenance centers are all open and fully operative.
Read the full article plublished on March 23rd: OROS adjusts its organization due to Covid-19

Friday, April 17, 2020

Sound Power determination for earth moving machines in compliance with ISO 6395

Determination of the sound power level of earth moving machines requires specific procedures, based on the guidelines of ISO 6395.
The standard is based on ISO 3744, for an acquisition of sound pressure level using 6 microphone positions. The measurement sequence and reporting must be extensively automated.

To optimize the day-to-day efficiency of our users such as Komatsu, Mecalac and others, the OROS Sound Power solution has been further enhanced in the new 3.10 software version, allowing even more flexibility in terms of customised adaptations.