Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ORBIGate, the Turbomachinery Vibration Software, Ascends in Version4.4: the Full Floating License

Get one license of ORBIGate able to work on any OROS 3-Series hardware in your fleet. 

ORBIGate is the OROS portable and dedicated solution for the measurement of industrial rotating machinery vibration. It may be used on any combination of machines ranging from turbines, motors and generators, as well as pumps and compressors. 
Featuring simultaneous acquisition on up to 32 dynamic channels, an entire machine train may be tested.

When owning several analyzers, especially on test bench installations, the need can be to operate ORBIGate on several systems but not necessarily simultaneously. The only thing to be done is to plug the dongle with the option coded in addition to the analyzer connection.

This new version also includes:
  • Easy import/export of projects 
  • Enhanced data display flexibility of overall values in RMS, Pk-Pk, or 0-Pk 
  • Torque, temperature, pressure display in the overall grid and trend profiles 
In the continuous quality improvement process, several minor issues have been updated to make all users benefit from this new software release. Please download ORBIGate V4.4 (first be logged into myOROS). It requires the installation of NVGate V8.10. 

For more information, have a look at the release note (first be logged into myOROS).
Read more about our Turbomachinery Vibration Software ORBIGate: downloading the full datasheet (ask for printed ones if needed)

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