Monday, May 26, 2014

Sound Intensity V4.1, Scan the Power of Large Machines

Once more, V4.1 benefits from the feedback of the major acoustic R&D centers who use our products in the field.

  • Horizontal and vertical scanning: adapted sequence for heavy duty machines
  • Overall surface properties for a faster setup
  • Overview grid enhancements for monitoring measurements from a distance
  • Compare PI (Pressure-Intensity) and Ld of the system (ISO criteria) in real-time
  • New narrow band parameters: Pressure & Intensity, Cross spectrum, Reactive intensity, Coherence
  • Many other improvements to be discovered in the release note (existing customers only; please be first be logged in to myOROS)
In the continuous quality improvement process, several other minor issues have been updated to make all users enjoy their software benefits. Please download Sound Intensity V4.1 (existing customers only; please be first be logged in to myOROS). Your SI demo dongle needs to be updated: ask for a key update to your local reseller.
 >> Download the full datasheet (please be first be logged in to myOROS).

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