Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Distributed orders and OR35 Teamwork with NVGate V10.10

NVGate (the OROS noise and vibration software platform) V10.10 enhances your efficiency with more analysis flexibility and instrument connectivity. Wi-Fi operations, new OR35 compatibility, distributed synchronous order analysis are the main improvements brought by the new OROS software platform.

The field operations are greatly simplified with the Wi-Fi capacity of NVGate V10.10. The OROS Wi-Fi USB dongle upgrades your Teamwork instrument into a wireless analyzer. Recording and analyses performances remain at their high level thanks to the on-board powerful DSPs and local SSD. The software keeps providing fluid displays of analyzed data. Such a full feature of wireless analysis opens the field of mobile units-under-test measurements. It applies to vehicles, unmanned drones and boats as well as the rotors of large industrial machines (windmill, cruncher, conveyor…)
Following the spectral, 1/n octave and sound level meter analysis modes, the renowned OROS synchronous order analysis module is now able to operate on distributed instruments. We made its operation 100% transparent freeing the tachometer(s) location and inputs mix.  Distributed order tracking reduces dramatically the instrumentation (cables, signal loss) on large rotating machinery like steam turbine, diesel genset or pump.
The new OR35 recently came to beef up the Teamwork range. NVGate V10.10 ensures the compatibility with this state of the art instrument and secures your data.

  • Be sure not polluting your measurement with FAN noise with the automatic Stop on Run (SOR). 
  • Be sure to maintain TEDS compatibility with the new DS2341 sensors' chip compatibility. 
  • Be sure to avoid your instrument powered-on during transportation with the new Untimely Power On Protection (UPOP). 
  • Be sure to have enough autonomy to achieve your measurement with lasting duration from the battery gauge.

Discover in details how NVGate V10.10 can improve your measuring noise and vibration efficiency (download on myOROS after being logged in)
This NVGate V10.10 is delivered with all brand-new OROS instruments. NVGate V10.00 license keys' owners can be downloaded form myOROS (first be logged in). Contact your local dealer for an upgrade to NVGate V10.xx.

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