Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Vibration Analysis on Arcelor Mittal’s Production Line (Spain)

The Arcelor’s Mittal (AM) production line located in Etxebarri, Spain, is designed for special thermal processing on thin steel plate coils. This material is used to manufacture tin cans and drink cans. The production line is 30m high, 10m wide and 150m long and employs more than 500 people.
AM has recently asked its supplier, Fives Stein, to enhance the production line in order to increase the production.
Plant’s structures have been modified and rotation speed has been increased. These recent changes have consequently generated vibration issues.

OROS, renowned for its expertise in Noise and Vibration Test and Measurement, has been chosen for the vibration diagnostics of the factory.

Nicolas Denisot, one of the OROS vibration experts, spent 3 days on-site. 2 OR36-16 channels analyzers have been cascaded, using the Teamwork technology. Both instruments have been installed at 20 meters distance. Thanks to the Teamwork technology, the volume and length of cables are dramatically reduced.
The NVGate (Noise and Vibration software platform) Recorder and OROS Modal have been used. The Recorder registered each measurement sequence (20 minutes). Results have been used in OROS Modal to generate ODS (Operating Deflection Shapes).

Based on OROS expertise and equipment in noise and vibration measurement, recommendations have been made to reinforce the structure in some very localized places.
Fives Stein and Arcelor Mittal are very happy with the OROS Services and are ready to order some more measurements’ projects in a near future.

Meanwhile OROS has launched the new OR35 Teamwork with 10 channels. This new analyzer is a compact and modular unit, enabling easy installation and travelling. Belong to the Teamwork generation of instruments, it can be cascaded and distributed to measure up to 1000 channels. Instruments, conditioners and software licenses are exchangeable and flexible. Data are also easy to share thanks to the native technology. More info on OR35 Teamwork.

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