Friday, May 20, 2016

New OR35 10 Channel Completes the OROS Teamwork Noise and Vibration Analyzers Range

OROS, the renowned global brand, asserts its measuring noise and vibration baseline with its latest analyzer: the OR35 Teamwork. This instrument concentrates the best of OROS Teamwork technology in a compact and modular configuration.

For more than 3 decades, OROS is offering high grade noise and vibration measurement solutions to the key players in Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, Marine and Aerospace industries. Years of collaborative product development lead OROS Teamwork instruments to perfectly match the structural dynamics, acoustics and rotating applications.

OROS engineers put the best of this seasoned instrumentation knowledge in the OR35 Teamwork analyzer. Based on a range of modular instruments from 6 to 32 channels, the Teamwork technology enables to cascade and distribute instruments to measure more than 1000 channels. Then, instruments, conditioners and software licenses are exchangeable and flexible, as well as data which benefit from a native sharing technology.

The result is a cornerstone for measurement departments, test centers and service teams. Whatever is the activity; R&D, acceptance or diagnostics, OR35 Teamwork provides the right answer to each level of the company.

Whether engineers or technicians, all users appreciate the real-time multi-analysis performance coupled with state-of the art and inalterable accuracy. The unique 8+2 channel-count combines high-speed tach and standard inputs offering larger applications coverage than regular 8 channels units. The ability to distribute the instruments along large structures optimizes their everyday work while dramatically reducing cable headaches.

Test managers feel the difference with the flexible fleet management which ensures a constant availability of the instrumentation resources, hardware and software wise. The integrated and database-free Data set management maximizes the data sharing, mining and archiving efficiency.

Decision makers, purchasing and accounting managers benefit from the high productivity and flexibility of these instruments to actually improve their company results.

40 kHz Real-time multi-analyzer, recorder

  • 8 universal inputs AC/DC/Float/ICP/TEDS
  • 2 Ext synch (tach)  // +2 dynamic inputs
  • Mix & match instruments or conditioners
  • 24 bits, 130 dB, ±40 V inputs
  • Cascadable units, up to 1000 channels
  • 2 multi-purpose generators
  • Portable, rugged, real-time
  • Wi-Fi, 1Gb/s LAN, WAN connection to PC
  • CAN bus,  XPod conditioners’ slot
  • Long life battery + 2 battery XPod slot
  • 2 ForceDSPs, on-board solid state disk
  • Stand-alone recorder, LCD control panel

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