Thursday, December 5, 2013

Modal V5.2, a step further in optimizing your modal measurements

With this version 5.2, the OROS modal software goes one step further towards its first objective: perform a complete modal analysis in a minimum of time and obtain accurate and valid results.
In the acquisition part, new functions will help you to gain more time and reliability:

-        the improved sequencer, efficient with triaxial accelerometers,
-        the impact hammer threshold visualization,
-        the autorange.
In the modal identification process, the linked cursors between the Modal Indicator Functions and the Frequency Response Functions are valuable tools to judge the relevance of the results. The Coordinate Modal Assurance Criterion (COMAC) gives also important information. It is used to identify which measurement degrees of freedom contribute negatively to a low value of MAC.  

Don’t wait more time to discover these new features and several others! Download the Modal - software version 5.2 (drivers included) (please first be logged in to myOROS; requires a valid dongle)

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