Friday, May 24, 2013

Upcoming Event, OROS at ASME Turbo Expo, June 3-7, San Antonio, TX, USA

From Rotating Analysis to Structural Dynamics Analysis... ALL IN ONE BOX!

As a major player in the rotating equipment and power generation community, OROS instruments provide all the tools for rotating analysis, from acceptance tests to diagnostics.
...Come and meet us at booth #418 at ASME Turbo Expo 2013, June 3-7, San Antonio, TX, USA.

OROS showcases its Latest Technology for Rotating and Structural Dynamics Analysis Solutions

OROS will display and demonstrate its instruments and software modules for a wide range of applications covering Turbomachinery:


Discover how the OROS 3-Series analyzers can help you save time in your turbomachinery vibration testing. Come and visit us, booth #418 at ASME Turbo Expo 2013, to be held at San Antonio, TX, USA. 

OROS Rotating Analysis solutionsI

ORBIGate, the turbomachinery vibration solution: from commissioning to diagnostics.

It displays orbits, shaft centerline, bode, polar plots, as well as spectra data enabling the analyst to detect and characterize faults such as unbalance, oil whirl & whip, preload, misalignement, rub and others. Download the full datasheet (requires to be first logged in to

The Torsional and Torque software module. 

It behaves as an integrated frequency to voltage converter capturing multiple pulses per rev tachometer signal and providing angular velocity profiles, RPM variations, Twist and more.

OROS, as a specialist of dynamic measurement on rotating machinery, offers torsional vibration measurement as an integrated in the 3-Series analyzers range.

Get to know more on OROS Structural Dynamic Analysis solutions

From Acquisition to the Result...

The ODS (Operating Deflection Shape) software module easily locates machinery and piping system deflection during operations. It is based upon a simplified geometry description of the machine train and a guided and efficient data acquisition procedure.Discover how you can capture blade vibration with strain gauges or accelerometers, calculating FRFs and process a full modal analysis of turbine blades using the OROS MODAL 2 solution.

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