Friday, May 25, 2018

OROS NVH Testing Systems - Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018

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Visit us on stand #8164 to know more about our NVH testing systems 

OROS designs and manufactures noise & vibration testing systems including application oriented solutions and associated services. It masters the latest technology of data acquisition, digital signal processing as well as application-oriented software. The OROS analysers are flexible enough to handle automotive NVH testing measurements in different test environments: laboratory, in vehicle or production. OROS solutions are dedicated to vehicle, engine and component NVH covering structural dynamics, noise analysis and rotating analysis.
Application software suite includes order tracking & torsion, balancing, sound quality & jury testing, near-field acoustical holography, sound intensity, sound power, modal and transfer path analysis.

OROS technology forum presentation on Wednesday, 6 June

Using psychoacoustics indicators for go/no-go acceptance in production testing Guillaume Cousin, OROS Product Manager. 

Discover in this presentation how loudness, sharpness, roughness and other can contribute efficiently to the go/no-go acceptance decision. Forum program.

Looking for an ultraportable system for noise & vibration measurements?

The field of measurements is moving towards greater portability, simplicity and accuracy. For measurement situations where space constraints apply, ultraportability, autonomy and data compatibility are the most important features required in instruments. Come and discover the new OROS Mobile DAQ System on our exhibition stand (#8164).  

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