Tuesday, July 11, 2017

OROS Seminar in Malaysia

On July 10, OROS and its local partner C. Melchers GmbH & Co organized a seminar around 2 major themes:

  • Solutions for Diagnostic and Troubleshooting
  • Solutions for R&D

Both main focus in Automotive and Marine industries.

Morning- Presentation of OROS Solutions for Diagnostic and Troubleshooting:

Turbomachinery Vibration Solution

ORBIGate is the dedicated software module for industrial rotating machinery vibration during diagnostics as well as acceptance works.

Modal Analysis and ODS (Operating Deflection Shapes) 

Modal analysis is a powerful technique for understanding structures behavior to validate simulation results, mechanical designs and maintenance. Discover Modal, an application oriented software associating the latest algorithms with a user friendly interface and automatic procedures.
Modal is highly integrated with the OROS Analyzers range, rough, rugged and portable, designed for the field. All the OROS expertise and innovation is directed to bring the best in noise and vibration analysis.

Spectral Based Diagnostics: FFTDiag. 

Whatever the machine you deal with, you have to take care about its noise and vibration related to machine health and health assessment. OROS provides instruments with cepstrum, envelope demodulation, FRF, ORF, correlation and indicators dedicated to diagnostics and predictive maintenance of industrial machinery.

Balancing: Single, Dual and Multiplane Vibration Balancing

OROS Balancing Solutions are software modules for balancing rigid and flexible rotors. These modules are well-suited for shop balancing or in-situ field balancing. They are designed to run on OROS analyzers.
2 modules are available:
•    The Single/Dual plane software module is particularly suited for shop or field balancing of rotors operating in their rigid body region (well below their first critical speed).
•    The Multiplane software module is designed to balance rotors above the first critical speed: meaning in the region where the rotor deforms and reaches its first bending mode.

Afternoon- Noise and Vibration Solutions for R&D

Modal Analysis and ODS (Operating Deflection Shapes)

Simulation takes an important part of the automotive research and development. But experimental tests are always necessary to close up reality. OROS Modal with its automatic procedure allows to carry out comprehensive modal test very fast.

Sound Quality

The OROS Sound Quality software module, the Psychoacoustics & Sound Design Software, is the ideal tool for psychoacoustic metrics determination and filtered playback. Nowadays, with the evolution of comfort requirements and quality products demand, the feeling resulting from a product sound has become a key issue.
The OROS Sound Quality module is designed for sound evaluation and sound. This OROS software module is the ideal tool for psychoacoustic metrics determination and filtered playback.


By applying Nearfield Acoustical Holography, finding out the acoustical hot spots, it is an efficient tool of the customer for acoustic signature management.
Underwater Holography: with more than 30 years’ experience in Navy applications, dBVision presents a precise, flexible Underwater Acoustical Imaging system with light and mobile equipment.

Order analysis and tracking techniques 

They are essential in measurements with varying rotating speeds. Getting correct results from run-up/down requires specific signal processing techniques. Synchronous Order Analysis (SOA) provides stable and repeatable measurements for any speed-varying machinery. Using proven real-time angular resampling algorithms, SOA extracts amplitude and phase of orders; even from fast transients.

Sound Intensity Measurement for Sound Power Determination

The Sound Intensity Solution is part of the software modules offered by OROS for Industrial Acoustic applications. Sound Intensity is a flexible experimental technique that allows to obtain a large number of information on the sound pattern emitted from a source such as Sound Power or Noise Source localization.

Sound Pressure Level Measurement for Sound Power Determination

The Sound Power software module is offered by OROS for Industrial Acoustics applications. This Solution allows the user to measure Sound Power based on the sound pressure levels at microphone positions around a source under test. Thus, the Sound Power Solution is complementary of the Sound Intensity Solution that is based on the measurement of the sound intensity as recommended by ISO 9614.

Advanced Transfer Path Analysis

Reducing the noise inside a train passengers area using the Advanced Transfer Path Analysis method.

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