Friday, March 25, 2016

Boost Your Efficiency with NVGate V10.00


  1. Find the right results or presets from your archive in a flash
  2. Get your colleagues’ results crystal clear
  3. Share and collate your team’s measurements in a single click, 
  4. Operate a database without the constraints from the company IT Manager

Is that a dream? It was…

Archive, mine, share, collate, inform in a click is now a reality with NVGate V10.00 “DataSet”. This latest release of the OROS instruments software platform brings a large step working in a collaborative environment. Fully Teamwork oriented, NVGate V10.00 accompany measurement teams’ efficiency and flexibility.

The data management offers filters, properties, data mining, meta-data and exchange features embedded in the existing project management.

Tachometers, 1/n octave and waterfall analyses are now available in distributed mode. NVGate V10.00 allows mixing and matching the real-time analyses along any input of the connected instruments. Such flexibility offers the complete scope of noise and vibration measurements (narrow band, CPB, 3D and orders) with full performances and accuracy on one or multiple systems.

Tracking functions feature new scheduling and sorting options that allow clear and quick data extraction from your scheduled acquisitions.

Available downloads on myOROS (first be logged to myOROS to access the information, restricted area).
NVGate V10.00 Service Pack
NVGate V10.00 Release Note

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