Friday, January 15, 2016

Advanced balancing of turbochargers with OROS - Automotive Testing Expo Korea - January 19-21, 2016

The engine downsizing generates new turbochargers’ generation: lighter, wider and even electrically driven. Challenges are huge: higher speed, more accurate phase/amplitude of imbalance, needs of multiplane and flexible rotor algorithms. Moreover this new testing technology must be flexible enough to integrate production line test benches.

OROS, based on 30 years servicing noise and vibration engineers’ worldwide, is the specialist of such instrumentation. Leader in rotating, OROS provides up-to-date solutions for balancing turbochargers test benches.

The OR34 real-time analyzer provides accurate and stable measurements of imbalance, in a small format with a complete control/command toolkit.
This product is used for various turbocharger, crankshaft and camshaft applications installed on production lines:

  • High speed balancing
  • Flexible, multiplane balancing
  • Residual imbalance check

Main specifications

  • 2 or 4 inputs, 2 tachometers, Ethernet 
  • Synchronous resampling order extraction
  • Up to 384.000 RPM, 375.000 pulse/sec
  • Over- sampled  tachometer: 6.4 MHz resolution

OROS products and services are marketed worldwide in more than 35 countries. OROS has been supplying automotive manufacturers since 1990 in Europe, USA, Japan, China and Korea for NVH, vehicles dynamics and rotating analysis.
Come and visit us ad booth 6007.

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