Monday, November 9, 2015

Distributed Vibration Measurements on Large Structures

Space Tech Expo will open the doors for 3 days in Bremen, Germany, from 17 to 19 November.
OROS will display its latest technology in noise and vibration test and measurement dedicated to aerospace applications on booth #43.

The challenge of modern aerospace Noise & Vibration (N&V) measurement is mainly related to the structures’ size. Large aircrafts (interior or exterior) require to be checked simultaneously on all measurement points. Long and numerous cables are time-consuming and costly actions.

The latest generation of OROS instruments, the Teamwork range, offers flexible and productive solutions for large structures tests. Up to hundreds of channels, units from 8 to 32 channels are easily interconnected through high-speed network, dramatically reducing the number and length of cables. Thanks to real-time multi-analysis capabilities, the measurement remains under control along the test sessions.
OROS Teamwork instruments offer plug & play unit combination. The unique software platform NVGate features the same interface and functions whatever the application: raw data recording, FFT, modal analysis, 1/n octave, swept sine, synchronous order extraction, sound power and more from the OROS software suite.
On top of the measurement, the OROS software integrates natively an innovative data management. Contexts, setups, results and meta-data are efficiently and securely searched, selected and shared along the entire test center.
OROS instruments cover all noise and vibration aerospace applications such as: jet and rocket engines test, helicopter transmissions, cabin noise, aircraft qualification, fatigue test, component validation.

OROS, as a manufacturer and designer of noise and vibration solutions, covers a wide area of the aerospace testing: 


  • Radar / Antenna
  • Fatigue Test
  • Aircraft Structure
  • Cabin Noise
  • Spacecraft Tests
  • Multi-Channel Sound Level Meter
  • Strain Gauges
  • Modal Analysis
  • Distributed Acquisition
  • Large Channel Count


  • Jet Engine
  • Helicopter Transmission
  • In-Flight / Taxi
  • Rocket
  • Command Control for Test Bench
  • Synchronous Order Analysis
  • Gear Analysis
  • Recorder
  • Sound Power

Come and meet OROS on booth#E43.

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