Friday, March 21, 2014

Turbomachinery Vibration Solution, ORBIGate V6.0, made by users for users!

Our users in the field give us the best inspiration to improve our products. V6.0 of the OROS Turbomachinery Vibration Software benefits from their feedback and goes one step further to make their life easier and their time more efficient.

  • Full Spectrum: go further into your diagnostics!
  • Tach monitoring: display your tach signal
  • Alarms go you one step further: RPM and Date alarms
  • Flexible GAP measurement: no tach required
  • ASync profiles and frequency lines for motor testing
  • Many other improvements to be discovered in the release note
In the continuous quality improvement process, several other minor issues have been updated to make all users enjoy their software benefits. Please download ORBIGate V6.0 (restricted to OROS customers only; please first be logged into your myOROS account to access the webpage). For more information, have a look at the release note (restricted area). It requires the installation of NVGate V8.30.
>> Download the updated full datasheet (please be first be logged in to myOROS)

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